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i haven't posted in forever. i'm sorry for neglecting you, lj. 

graduation is in 2 days. That's weird....because graduation is in two days, i am now on a quest to find shoes to wear AT graduation in about a day and a half. Should be entertaining.

blah. noooo practice at 8:45 tomorrow. no no noooo.



so...i'm watching miss universe (because i'm kind of a tool and love pageants/"scholarship programs" ) aaaand during the very recent evening gown competition, miss usa fell flat on her ass after tripping on her gross dress. You probably don't care. But i felt really bad. 

anyway four day weekend was sweet. Beach trips with bridge, bec, jared, karianne, allie and sab were sweet. minimal sunburn to report. Yesss..

dinner on thursday with ross was fun. Good times.

..i want my necklace back. I knew i would leave it. Gr. 

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ayo breezy.

ahhhh. good weekend. 

SO. today after waking up rather early in order to take a piece of cardboard that liz found away from her i woke up around 10 and showered and bridge sab and i went to the mall for FOREVER. It was good though. I got a necklace for prom, and sab got her graduation dress (complete with the cutest cropped cardigan ever) aaaand...oh! then we went to the fields and bridge and i purchased our prom underwear. it may not seem exciting. but it was. if you have to buy special underwear for an occasion, you know it's going to be good. The fact that we purchased said item today means it's close. and THAT is mad exciting : )

Sab and i vacuumed coop after we discovered sab was locked out. He's squeaky clean...at least on the inside. The outside could use a washing, but that will just have to wait. I also discovered that in my whole car (my whole teeny tiny car that is...) i have an insane amount of writing implements. I have to have at least 10 that are now in a compartment held together with a hair tie that i also found while cleaning. Yesssss. 

I tried on my prom dress today...with my necklace...and earrings...and shoes...and underwear!!! It was glorious. If some one has my dress i will slab a biatch. Specifically, the biatch in my dress. Unless i like her...i probably won't though, because i don't like a lot of people in my grade. But that's a story for a different day...yeeeaaahhh.

whoooo prommmmmmm!!!!!


***This time one month from now we will be at project graduation, as chs alum. AH! 

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i wish i were a ballerina...

...tonight sab and i had a nothing night. It was good. Appetizers for dinner + center stage + dq = love (and what we used to do everrryyyyy night)

last night a babysat from 6:45-11:30. Intense. I hate when little kids are snobs. So uncalled for.

I need memorial day to be here. Now. 

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i see a sense of wonder deep inside your eyes, as we're sparkling and twirling in the twilight..

today at barnes & nobel with bridge i purchased three trashy teen novels. Loves it. When we informed mrs. everhart of our plans, she was outraged. We told her it was necessary.  : )

umm today i was walking down the hall i realized, that prom is very soon. 3 weeks and 3 days? Indeed. 

i'm so excited for the shore this weekend!!! Yay shore!!!! (sean and bridge loooove the yays and boos) 

tonight at work instead of studying for food sci i read gossip girl. Yessssss.<3

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it's not called gymnicetics.

yesssssss. decent day. 

it's raining again.  sigh. 

i just got dog medicine on my hands. gross. oh lizzer.

yesterday was fun. i enjoyed myself.  

mother's day! 

...ew anatomy test. booooooo.

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my mom is crying. over a television graduation.

So tonight i was watching gilmore girls with my mom (it actually ended...9 minutes ago) and she cried because Rory Gilmore graduated from yale. I get the feeling that she replaced rory with me. Because she was crrryyyyyyiiiiinng. Hard. It came out of nowhere. Oh boy. 

anyway. i enjoyed the lax today. Good times. Esepcially with Jules Bec and Raf. I don't even take choral classes and i still somehow manage to spend lots of time with raf. Enjoyable. I love that he attends school functions and sporting events. Yesssssss. 

ok that is all.
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garden of wisdom

ms. tsakiris finally gave up on making those not taking the ap exam do work. amen. 

school is becoming more and more of a joke by the day. muy bien.

i had dm hw tonight. que?!

lax game friday?!!!

lax game right now? si. es verdad. 


there is a secret that we keep...

do de doooo. 

we started our "mini film course" today in ap english. aka the test is thursday and mrs. everhart no longer wants to teach/ we no longer want to learn. Excellent. 

Today was good...until i got home and couldn't get into my house because SOME ONE broke the front door, didn't have brown sugar, unsalted butter or oats for my pie(s) and found out it's supposed to rain thursday and friday. While i do enjoy thunder storms, enough is enough. The saturated ground of this flood basin/former wetland area we call cranford can not really afford to have any more rain/flooding.  Also, i really want to attend pingry lax friday, and thunder storms would most likely prevent that from happening. Oh hell no.

one month until prom. Word. 

I pray this week flies by. I'm tired of school.

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last time i will ever play my flute. ever.

that's a little bit sad. 

it's ending...get ready.


p.s.- i just realized that the dates on lj posts are the way we did it in spanish class i.e.- day/month/year weird.
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